Nettlecombe Parish Council

Brendon Hills Somerset

There are 18 LCNs covering every corner of the Somerset Council area, and we come under the “LCN 13”. 

The purpose of the Local Community Networks is to be the focus for community development, engagement and partnership working at a local level; improving outcomes for residents and establishing strong connections between the Council, our communities and our partners.

The first Area 13 meeting was held on Thursday 13th July 2023  when Councillor Andy Sully was elected Chairman, and Councillor Brenda Maitland-Walker elected Vice-Chair.  It is hoped this Area 13 LCN will meet quarterly, and hold the next meeting in late September/October, when Councillors from all the Parishes and local stakeholders will attend.

Why have LCNs? – LCNs were agreed as an integral part of the Unitary Business Case to ensure local voice and community representation at a Strategic level.

What is the purpose of LCNs? – There will be 18 LCNs rolled-out to every corner of the Somerset Council area.

Their purpose is to be the focus for the new Council for community engagement and development, within an ethos of local partnership working, looking to improve outcomes for residents through establishing strong connections between Somerset Council, our communities, and our partners.

How Often will LCNs Meet?  It has been proposed that LCNs will meet six to eight time a year, with locally led groups pursuing their goals between meetings.  This is at the discretion of each LCN area.  

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